daisuke yoshimoto

yoshimotoDaisuke Yoshimoto’s broad dance experience includes collaborations with such Butoh artists as: Kazuo Ohno, Hisayo Iwaki, and Shoji Kojima. Primarily a solo artist, over the past 20 years he has carved out his own unique and theatrical style, working as creator and director of progressive plays for many years before he established his dance studio “Ultraego” in 1981. Currently, while Yoshimoto gestates new series of works, he energetically educates and trains junior performers, also participating in national and international festivals –making new acquaintances and guiding their development through dance.

“In his dance Yoshimoto continuously transforms himself; he suddenly changes into a young man, then becomes a baby, and in a second a wild animal raging onstage with incredible determination and vitality…”  –Dziennik Zachodni, Poland

“his long gray hair fanned around his wild, heavily madeup eyes, and his body became a heaving, hyperarticulated landscape shifting against jarringly spliced music. It was easy to forget that this spooky, otherworldly creature was human.” The New York Times