jonothon lyons


Jonothon Lyons has been a company member of Imago Theater Mask Ensemble for the past three years, productions included:  Frogz, Biglittlethings, ZooZoo. He has performed with Garnica LEIMAY: A Timeless Kaidan and Alive 1 (first version) and with Mari Osanai: On the Road.
Jonothon has participated in several sessions of the Butoh-Kan Training offered by CAVE and Garnica LEIMAY, including those with Yuko Kaseki, Ko Murabushi, Kan Katsura, Minako Seki, Ximena Garnica and Mari Osanai.

Jonothon Lyons collaborators:
Bill Mullen is a performance and visual artist living and working in NYC.
Daniel Brodie – Broadway: Rock of Ages, To Be or Not To Be – Off-Broadway: Behind the Lid, Arias with a Twist – Las Vegas: Peepshow – Universal Studios Hollywood: Creature From the Black Lagoon.