shige moriya

Award winning designer, Shige Moriya, was born in Kyoto, Japan, where he studied architecture at Kinki University in Osaka. In the early nineties he moved to New York; after working as an assistant curator at Cast Iron Gallery in Soho (1993), he went on to co-found CAVE three years later as a space for experimental art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (1996). He was curator of CAVE gallery program for 10 years (1996-2006), featuring 70 contemporary art exhibitions and promoting and supporting the work of some 300 artists of different disciplines. He is currently co-director of CAVE, curator of the NY Butoh Festival and member of Garnica LEIMAY.

Shige’s video art has been featured in theater/dance productions, and a substantial amount of his work is performed live in interdisciplinary environments, in collaboration with musicians, dancers and other visual artists. He has traveled with his work in Japan, Finland, Vietnam, Germany and the United States; as a member of LEIMAY he has toured in France, Amsterdam, Spain, Colombia and Mexico.

Shige’s work as an artist develops in different media such as writing, video and installation art, and in the conceptualization of pieces of music and dance.

Along with Ximena Garnica he created “The Trace of Purple Sadness ” (2008), and they are currently working on the development of “Alive 1” and “Floating Point Waves”.  Shige has written several unedited books of poetry and he contributes weekly articles for the Japanese online activist publication HNN Tokyo.

Shige’s video installations often utilize fabric structures that create a landscape for projections of images of light and color, which are manipulated in real time. His video work explores nature through the intrinsic beauty of life, using original material taken during trips to various natural reserves across the world.  Among his most important series are: “The Things We Step On” and “Floating Point”, each with many ramifications of this theme.

Shige Moriya has been reconized the Armani Designer Award, he has received fellowships from the Ford Foundation and the Puffin Foundation. This summer he is in residency at the Watermill Center with Robert Wilson, and he is currently a  HERE Arts Center resident artist with Garnica LEIMAY.