third week: ny emerging artists

CAVE opens up its performance space to ten N.Y-based performers participants of the Butoh-Kan Training Initiative Program.
Two separate programs will provide a platform for emerging local performers to be seen within the context of a larger, international movement.


November 20 & 21
7:30pm (Friday) / 3:00pm (Saturday)

Erin Ellen Kelly, Stephanie Lanckton, Bill Mullen, Irem Calikusu, Denisa Musilova.

Erin Ellen Kelly’s  “Your Body Wandered Close” is a continued exploration of the Solo. Stephanie Lanckton’s “OpenCloseUnhinge” is inspired by life and death–the “tree of knowledge”, “the tree of life” and “paradise lost” in the Jungian sense. The canvas is voice power and the space between.  Bill Mullen’s “Figure in Landscape” was developed in conjunction with a slow, stumbling read of Samuel Beckett’s “Watt”, the piece considers “the three hundred and sixty directions open to a desperate man of average agility. Irem Calikusu’s “Texture II” is described by the dancer as salt on snail. Denisa Musilova’s “Loud” examines the quest of searching. In search there is distraction; both inside and outside; a symbiotic contradiction Musilova states.

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November 21 & 22
7:30pm (Saturday) / 4:00pm (Sunday)
Morgan von Pecelli, Megan Nicely, Steven Carlino ,Tanya Calamoneri and Ximena Garnica.

Morgan von Pecelli’s  “Nowhere…wind filled, noise”: Teetering in white darkness, flesh confused.  Sadness is not remembering what you looked like eating dust. Megan Nicely’s Scrunch is of the crumpling and unfolding of the body and space, its sounds hovering near the ground. With live sound by Jim Brashear.  Steven Carlino’s “The Visitor”  is a sleep-deprived vision that a chain-smoking, film -noir obsessed, insomniac has at 4 in the morning. It exists in a place somewhere between dreaming and waking- a movement based performance that combines video and an original sound design by Steven Carlino including his remix of Jacques Brel’s “Quand on N’A Que L’Amour (When We Have Only Love). Tanya Calamoneri’s “A Thousand Cracks”: A woman falls into the water while ice fishing, gets picked up by the current and travels under the thick layer of ice searching for an escape.  Loosely based on the recent American presidential campaign and a noh drama, told through dance and video.  Ximena Garnica’s “Not I”  is a study on identity and of the space between someones skin and the innumerable papers of unknown colors, textures and sizes stuck or placed to someones body.
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photos by: Yana Kraeva.